Mouse And Pen Graphic Tablets

Apple Compatible Drawing Pads And Tablets

Best USB Drawing Tablets For Mac

Combining both the pointing functions of a mouse on a Macintosh - with the added benefit of freehand drawing with pressure sensitivy and creative freedom, these Apple compatible graphics tablets can replace or compliment your existing USB or Bluetooth mouse or trackpad.

Check out these pressure-sensitive USB connected Mac Compatible Drawing Tablets from Wacom and others. Here's an affordable tablet and pen stylus with full Macintosh compatibility:

Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet

Pressure Sensitivity - 512 Levels

Pen and Mouse Drawing Pad Combos

Some graphics tablets for Apple computers combine both a wireless pen stylus and/or a mouse for a complete professional CAD CAM drawing and designing solution. Look to Wacom's Intuos line for prosumer and professional grade input devices:

6x8 Drawing Area

Shortcut Buttons Programmable
1024 Sensitivity Levels

Best Bluetooth Drawing Tablets For Mac

For architects, CAD and design andd graphics professionals, high-end Wacom tablet line offers 2048 pressure levels, cable-free freedom and more with it's Intuos4 Bluetooth drawing pad for OSX users. The graphic tablet is rechargable via USB when needed for hourse of use. Programmable shortcut keys and integrated Touch-Pad.

Bluetooth Wacom Pad

Wireless Pen Tablet

Mac Drawing Pad Manufacturers

For the vast majority of Apple users, Wacom is the Go-To brand for pressure-sensitive graphic pads large and small. Whether you're a casual doodler or professional graphic designer or CAD modeler, their world-class hardware and exceptional software support for MacOS set them apart. But there are other drawing tablet manufacturers worth exploring, especially Huion if you're on a tight budget and looking for a low-cost sketch and doodle pad. Huion seems to be the largest OEM maker of tablets that are sold under various brands and Mac drivers are widely available to support them under OSX.
  • Wacom
  • CalComp-GTCO
  • Adesso
  • DigiPro
  • Huion
  • Agptek
  • Turcom

Mac Drawing Tablet Drivers For OS X

It's wise to stay current with your graphic pad software for the ultimate in control and predictable, configurable response and behavior. Heres a link to Wacom Macintosh OSX Drivers for their Intuos, Graphire & Cintiq tablets for OSX and MacOS. Wacom is the Apple user's safest choice because of thier long history of Macintosh support and drivers. This combined with a wide range of products for casual doodlers to CAD/CAM professionals - address every price point and need. Adesso is also a great supporter of Macintosh computers. As you venture out to other 3rd-party tablet manufacturers though - it's critical to make sure adequate Macintosh drivers exist to support the various features.